The SPECTA Wave Fountain Pen

Reimagined for a new level of personalization

The Wave is the first fountain pen to support both a size 5 or size 6 nib system giving you freedom to choose which is the right nib for you. Which also means you don't need to buy a new fountain pen.

Why is this important? Because the different in size and length it will give you a different writing experience.  

    With Wave you can switch between popular nib system or platforms from makers such as Bock or Jowo. And different brands craft their nibs based on platforms from Bock and Jowo with their own twist, meaning you will have an insane amount of nib options to choose from. 

      All crafted from solid aerospace aluminum using advanced precision machining techniques to achieve the complex shape and design.

        The results is one of the most beautifully sculpted metal fountain pens you will ever see. 

          Instead of costing $200, $300 or more for a similar pen in its class, the Wave fountain pen will cost less than $90.   

          Nib systems supported:

          • Peter Bock - Size 5 (60) Germany
          • Peter Bock - Size 6 (250) Germany
          • JOWO - Size 5 Germany
          • JOWO - Size 6 Germany
          • Potential future nib system support - Pelikan, Schmidt & More 


          • Standard international size cartridge/converter
          • Estimated weight: 26g to 30g with cartridge (Aluminum version)
          • Available in clip or clipless version
          • Stunning color choices will be available at launch. Final colors TBD
          When? We are looking to launch in Q1 of 2022 on the most popular crowdfunding platform, KICKSTARTER.

          Check out newest images of the Wave fountain pen below! 

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          Patent Pending