SPECTA Pen & Ball


Why is SPECTA for you.

This is not your ordinary tools for productivity and stress relief. SPECTA is the first premium writing instrument and fidget device designed and engineered to work as one to make your daily tasks less stressful, more focused and more exciting. No more clicking pens and plastic toys!

See it in action!

Beautiful, Stunning, Purposeful Design

SPECTA Pen & Ball is not only engineered to be functional but also designed to look sleek and beautiful in the hands.

What is Interactive Rotating Scales

The scales act like gears, interacting with one another when the pen is turned, providing a subtle feedback that loads your tactile, visual and auditory senses.

SPECTA Ball has 9 Features!

Turning top-ring bezel. Retractable thumb stud bottle opener. Integrated spring-loaded silent press. Dual spinners with premium bearings. Silicone Knob. Accepts 6.3mm bits. Pen Stand. A few hidden features!

Precision Machining Alloy

Almost every single part and component of the pen and ball is precision machined from blocks of metal. SPECTA is made to last.


More details.

Dimensions | Pen: 10.8mm by 133mm. Ball: 31mm by 35mm.

Accepted Refill | Parker ballpoint, Schmidt P900, Schmidt EasyFlow 9000.

Material | Pen: Aluminum, Aluminum+Brass/Copper, Brass+Aluminum, Copper+Aluminum. Ball: Aluminum

Availability | Now Available on Kickstarter!

Price | Kickstarter backers will receive up to 50% OFF compared to suggested retail with limited quantities for early birds.


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